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Sensory Story Book

What is a Sensory Story Book?

In addition to words and pictures, a sensory story introduces physical stimuli to the learning experience. This allows us to focus on each sense as we experience it, in a playful environment.

Sight, sound, touch, smell and taste are the most obvious senses, but we have many others. For example, we have vestibular sense, which allows us to feel balanced or unbalanced, and proprioceptive sense, which allows us to understand our immediate physical environment in relation to our own bodies.

Each time we work one or more of these senses we strengthen it a little, just like a muscle. Not everybody is able to use every sense, and some of us need more help to draw out the best   sensory experiences, or to focus on them in different ways.

In the Garden of Evan we highlight each of these seven senses using scarves, bags of smelly stuff, pebbles from the beach, a water spray bottle, hugs and cuddles and, extra-specially tactile “snowdrop embraces”!

If you want to learn more about how to facilitate, resource and explore sensory stories, visit Joanna Grace’s website