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The funds raised from the sale of this book will be used to buy sensory equipment - like the kind that was so beneficial to Evan - for children with additional support needs.


There are three ways to help us to raise these funds

Buy on Amazon

Buy individual copies of The Garden of Evan, A Sensory Story Book for yourself, family and friends.


These will be delivered straight to your doorstep by Amazon.


The cost per copy is £9.99 plus p&p.


Buy to Give

Buy copies for direct donation to schools and organisations and individuals with additional support needs. These recipients will be chosen by The Garden of Evan Charity unless you specifically designate a recipient of your own choosing.

Donor copies are priced at:


£9.00 each for 1 copy

£7.00 each for 10 copies

£5.00 each for bulk buys of 10+  copies


You can buy a Donor Copy through our fundraising Page. 



Donate directly to the Garden of Evan to allow us to fund future Sensory Story publications which will in turn be used to raise additional funds.


Direct donations can be made on our fundraising page.


Thank you very much in advance for all of your support.